New road construction taking place in Eper street The new road-construction programme of 2019 on the residents’ initiative is to begin in Eper street in the Kerekestelep quarter of town. The paved surface of a width of 4,5 metres and a covered precipitation drainage system is to be constructed out of municipal budgetary sources – announced Mr. László Czellér, councilman for the electoral ward and Ms. Diána Széles, deputy mayor of Debrecen, at a press-meeting on location, on April 24, 2019. read more WITH HEART AND SOUL FOR DEBRECEN! When preparing for Christmas, we cannot focus on formalities only – emphasized László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen. At the Advent press meeting, the city leader underlined how important it was for Debrecen to be able to celebrate together with the churches in an exemplary way. Building the community is successful not only during Advent, but the whole year round, for example at the time of the Palm Sunday procession. The unity this year has several new elements, for example the spiritual occasion when on 1 December at 5 p.m. citizens together with church leaders and believers as well as the Lautitia Children’s Choir will sing the Christmas song „Glory be to God in heaven” in the main square. László Papp said that they very much looked forward to this community singing, where the festive light show was expected to be made more memorable by the lights of the audience’s mobile phones. read more Debrecen, city that saves food The city of Debrecen launched her food-saving programme on September 12, 2019. The aim of the action/drive to make Debrecen business organizations not throw away their superfluous food still suitable for human consumption, but offer it for charitable purposes. read more

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