N.I.’s donation to the benifit of Debrecen University A donation of integrated measuring instruments and lap-top computers worth of a total of 34 million HUF has been given by National Instruments Hungary, Ltd. Co. to Debrecen University. The donation was handed over at the University Department of Electrical Engineering on September 17, 2018. read more The Government of Hungary provides a subsidy to the tune of 35 billion HUF for the development of education in Debrecen The development of education related to the investments that had occured into the vehicle-manufacturing industry in Debrecen is subsidized by the Hungarian Government to the tune of 35 billion HUF, the relevant proposal is to be submitted to the Cabinet Meeting, announced the Cabinet Minister for innovation and technological development at the Old City Hall on June 14, 2019. read more Municipal budget of Debrecen for 2018 ’’Fiscal year 2018 is the year of scaling up for Debrecen” – said Mr. László Papp, mayor of Debrecen, at the press conference on the budget proposal for Debrecen in 2018. – ’’We are soon to start a fiscal year” – he went on saying – ’’in the planning stage of which, the emphasis was placed on development to be well distributad in all quarters of the city. Owing to the new budget, the time has come for the develpment efforts imbodied in the New Phoenix Plan to become comprehensively tangible. Our objective is to create new urban sub-centres and, by this means, to locate such services in the quarters that will result in noticeble changes in the quality of life and the environment undergoing remarkable up-grading and appreciation. read more

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