Increased potential for scientific research It has become possible to have a Tandetron-type particle-accelarator entirely constructed at the MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) Nuclear Research Institute (ATOMKI), which is used in several basic or applied research – e.g. physical, medical, archeological, etc. – fields out of a subsidy of  941.25 million HUF. The ceremonial closing event of the project was held on May 27, 2019. read more „Debrecen is our garden” – Public Administration Day Voluntary communal work was done by the Staff members of the Borough government on three different locations: at the playground „Five-acre wood”; in the Family and Child-welfare Centre; and around the Nagyerdei Stadium. The playground instruments were renovated, flowers were planted, all the litter picked – we deemed it very important that we should set a good example to Debrecen citizens and that we should help upgrade and beautify the playground – said Mr. Szabolcs Komolay, deputy mayor of Debrecen, on the „Public Administration Day”. The chief administrator (notary general) in Debrecen, Mr. Antal Szekeres pointed out: one could take part voluntarily in this activity and 350 staff members out of about 600 did, in fact, join the initiative. read more Metal music group from Debrecen helped take up communal space Debrecen’s first free communal space is now officially active in the Ady park. Young people took possession of the temporary stage set up in the Ady park on May 23, 2018, where anyone can appear from spring to autumn, if registered beforehand. read more

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