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Welcome to the website of the city of Debrecen,

Debrecen is Hungary’s second largest city with a population of 210,000. The original meaning of its name (“let it live and move”) is testament to the city’s dynamic present-day development. Thanks to its religious, political, and economic power, historic Debrecen got to assume a quasi-city-state status and it has served twice as the nation’s capital. The modern city is Eastern Hungary’s most important commercial and administrative center, which has displayed an unbroken path of spectacular development in all walks of life. Debrecen’s international airport provides direct links to several major European destinations and it is a mere two-hour drive from the capital, Budapest.

What do you need to enjoy life in a 21st-century city? Attractive sights to see, modern shopping malls, exciting cultural and sporting events, for sure. But you also need activities that offer holiday experiences without compromise. Debrecen is by no means lacking in activities of this kind. Trendy cafés and bistros are proliferating, the popularity of street food is on the rise, countless cozy terraces and other special venues are getting ready to take visitors. Your leisurely stroll in downtown Debrecen – dubbed “promenade” by locals – will be punctuated by shady green piazzas and refreshing fountains. The slightly eclectic arrangement of architectural styles as well as the streets and alleys, each hiding its very own story, will set up an enchanting atmosphere. And another important thing – thanks to Debrecen’s highly developed public transport, the network of bus and tram lines, visitors can reach all tourist spots in the city in a comfortable and easy way.

We hope that browsing our website you will take a fancy to Debrecen and the website will help you plan your stay.

See you soon in Debrecen!

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Stephen, the king – musical concert The legendary Hungarian rock musical, Stephen, the king celebrates its 35th birthday in 2018. The most popular Hungarian musical - based on the story of Hungary’s first king, Stephen - is now performed as a concert. Habana Social Club with the Stars of the Tropicana Habana Social Club performs world-famous Latin-American and Cuban songs like Flor palida, Chan – Chan, Bailando, Vivir Mi Vida, Che commandante, Guantanamera, Caballo viejo, Represent Cuba, or Se que te amo that was performed by Ricky Martin too. Debrecen Christmas Market Debrecen’s Christmas market opens on November 24 and lasts until 24 December featuring unique handicraft products, mulled wine, delicious Christmas meals and sweets to help prepare for the winter holidays. Beriozka Hungarian Tour 2018 Beriozka, the world-famous Russian national folk-dance ensemble has been performing their unique choreographies for 70 years. On their Hungary Tour they perform in 16 cities, including Debrecen Founded in 1948, the Beriozka Folk Dance Ensemble is famed for its special – and secret – dance step that continues to astonish audiences around the world. Boot-cleaning Week in the Vojtina Santa Claus visits the Vojtina Puppet Theater to meet children. He may even bring his bad behaving elves or arrive with a surprise. You can find out only if you clean your boots and join the party. 2018.12.01 Saturday Budapest Bar-concert Gospel concert Tennessee State Gospel Choir tours Hungary for the first time in 2018. They will surely enchant the Debrecen audience with their carefree choral singing. International Nativity Play Meeting Debrecen has been hosting this festival for several years now. Nativity play groups arriving from all over the Carpathian Basin revive on stage the story of the birth of Jesus. Sister Act musical The musical was composed and put on stage inspired by the iconic comedy, Sister Act that was performed first on the Broadway with Whoopi Goldberg in the lead character. 2019.07.17 Wednesday - 2019.07.21 Sunday Campus Festival The biggest bash in Eastern Hungary’s pop-music calendar, Campus features over 200 shows at up to 40 venues in the leafy surroundings of Big Forest.

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