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Welcome to the website of the city of Debrecen,

Debrecen is Hungary’s second largest city with a population of 210,000. The original meaning of its name (“let it live and move”) is testament to the city’s dynamic present-day development. Thanks to its religious, political, and economic power, historic Debrecen got to assume a quasi-city-state status and it has served twice as the nation’s capital. The modern city is Eastern Hungary’s most important commercial and administrative center, which has displayed an unbroken path of spectacular development in all walks of life. Debrecen’s international airport provides direct links to several major European destinations and it is a mere two-hour drive from the capital, Budapest.

What do you need to enjoy life in a 21st-century city? Attractive sights to see, modern shopping malls, exciting cultural and sporting events, for sure. But you also need activities that offer holiday experiences without compromise. Debrecen is by no means lacking in activities of this kind. Trendy cafés and bistros are proliferating, the popularity of street food is on the rise, countless cozy terraces and other special venues are getting ready to take visitors. Your leisurely stroll in downtown Debrecen – dubbed “promenade” by locals – will be punctuated by shady green piazzas and refreshing fountains. The slightly eclectic arrangement of architectural styles as well as the streets and alleys, each hiding its very own story, will set up an enchanting atmosphere. And another important thing – thanks to Debrecen’s highly developed public transport, the network of bus and tram lines, visitors can reach all tourist spots in the city in a comfortable and easy way.

We hope that browsing our website you will take a fancy to Debrecen and the website will help you plan your stay.

See you soon in Debrecen!

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2018.08.16 Thursday Borsodi homályos - Peter Aranyosi's stand-up performance Stand up comedy in Hungarian, no English subtitle is available. 2018.08.16 Thursday Visiting the tower in the night Enjoy the amazing view of the  Flower Carnival from the tower of the Great Reformed Church. Night tour is available on the 16th of August form 9pm till 12pm. 2018.08.17 Friday Aquaticum 9th National Waterslide Competition Thrill and 5star chill out go hand in hand on this competitive event that takes place annually, for the 9th time this August. 2018.08.17 Friday - 2018.08.20 Monday 27th Farmer-expo 27.th Farmer-Expo International Agriculture and Food Industry Exhibition 12th Hortico Vegetable, Fruit and Gardening Exhibition. 2018.08.17 Friday - 2018.08.20 Monday Food Truck Show Gastronomy on wheels brought to you by the country’s best food trucks. 2018.08.17 Friday - 2018.08.19 Sunday Events during the Carnival Week on Kossuth Square Dance and music show are held every night on Debrecen's main square performed by local and foreign performers including the iconic Debrecen Big Band, the Debrecen Dixieland Jazz Band and the Band of Zoltan Tordai. 2018.08.17 Friday „Csardas of Mikepercs” – Guinnes record attempt In 1950 Andras Béres performed his first yet most famous folk dance choreography that became the flagship performance of „Debreceni Népi Együttes” yielding gold medals for them on many international dance festivals. 2018.08.17 Friday - 2018.08.19 Sunday Nights of Light Spectacular 3D light painting on the Big Reformed Church during the Carnival Week composed and performed by national and international artists. 2018.08.17 Friday „1st Light Ride Debrecen” Bicycle march during the Nights of Light where hundreds of lit and decorated bicycles are expected to ride along the roads of Debrecen. 2018.08.17 Friday Carnival Swing – Concert by the Debrecen Big Band The opening event of the Flower Carnival featuring Balint Gajer, „the prince of swing”, finalist of the „A Dal 2015” talent contest.

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