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Debrecen is Hungary’s second largest city with a population of 210,000. The original meaning of its name (“let it live and move”) is testament to the city’s dynamic present-day development. Thanks to its religious, political, and economic power, historic Debrecen got to assume a quasi-city-state status and it has served twice as the nation’s capital. The modern city is Eastern Hungary’s most important commercial and administrative center, which has displayed an unbroken path of spectacular development in all walks of life. Debrecen’s international airport provides direct links to several major European destinations and it is a mere two-hour drive from the capital, Budapest.

What do you need to enjoy life in a 21st-century city? Attractive sights to see, modern shopping malls, exciting cultural and sporting events, for sure. But you also need activities that offer holiday experiences without compromise. Debrecen is by no means lacking in activities of this kind. Trendy cafés and bistros are proliferating, the popularity of street food is on the rise, countless cozy terraces and other special venues are getting ready to take visitors. Your leisurely stroll in downtown Debrecen – dubbed “promenade” by locals – will be punctuated by shady green piazzas and refreshing fountains. The slightly eclectic arrangement of architectural styles as well as the streets and alleys, each hiding its very own story, will set up an enchanting atmosphere. And another important thing – thanks to Debrecen’s highly developed public transport, the network of bus and tram lines, visitors can reach all tourist spots in the city in a comfortable and easy way.

We hope that browsing our website you will take a fancy to Debrecen and the website will help you plan your stay.

See you soon in Debrecen!

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Edible music – sung recipes and other delicacies – concert of the Kodály Philharmonics Debrecen The Kodály Philharmonics Debrecen performs works of Orlano Gibbons, Clément Jannequin, Georges Bizet, Leonard Bernstein, Jean Françaix, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Gioachino Rossini, Paul Hindemith, Giuseppe Verdi, Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, and György Selmeczi, featuring Kodály Choir Debrecen and Katalin Anducska (piano). “I would dance tonight” – concert with a ball atmosphere with the Kodály Philharmonics Concert of the Kodály Philharmonics Debrecen with special guest, Erika Miklósa, featuring Kodály Choir, Valcer Dance Studio and REDProdukció Band. Debrecen Mangalica Festival Outdoor food festival in Debrecen’s main square dedicated mangalica, a breed of domestic pig form Hungary. Carnival Masquarade Debrecen’s traditional carnival-time event takes place in Kossuth Square between 21 and 26 January. The program includes cheerful performances of local comedians, street performers, folk musicians and the company of Vojtina Puppet Theater on 21, 22 and 23 February at 10 am and 2 pm. Debrecen Spring Festival & Art Exhibition The organizers intend to provide quality programs in more and more branches of art in the framework of the festival year by year. Honeybeast – Let there be dance. Following their symphonic concert tour across Hungary, Honeybeast, one of the most popular bands of the contemporary Hungarian pop music scene, tours the country again. CXXI. National Swimming Championships Hungary’s best swimmers compete again in Debrecen. Performances at the Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre The open-air stage was set up in one of the most beautiful parts of the Nagyerdő (Great Forest), among huge firs and monumental English oaks more than 60 year ago. In 2014, the renovated, modernized theatre was reopened. In the restored theatre, there are 1000 seats for the spectators. Debrecen Turkey Days This cheerful food festival pits teams of pro and amateur chefs (competing in separate divisions) against one another for the prize awarded to the most ingenious and delicious turkey dish. The comfort level of your taste buds will be elevated by great wines, your mood by concerts, kid programs and an artisans’ market. Debrecziener Gourmet Festival The staff of the Ikon Restaurant has set a mouth-watering challenge for local and non-Debrecen-based chefs to dream up innovative versions of the city’s namesake double sausage.

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