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Sport, like music, is a universal language which connects nations. It means the same thing to everyone involved: experiencing the tough challenge and the taste of victory for athletes; surviving the nail-biting, oftentimes heart-breaking, finish to the game for fans.

The very best representatives of various sports have proved their mettle on land and ice, in water and air in several international sports events in Debrecen. Besides mass sports, Debrecen and its area offer countless sports and recreation opportunities.

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Debrecen Sports Center Attendants of international training camps regularly gather in Debrecen to benefit from the center’s excellent facilities. Debrecen Ice Rink Lovers of icy sports can pursue their favorite leisure-time activities all year round. Absolute beginners as well as professionals can skate and play ice hockey or curling. Szeged Street Leisure Centre The leisure centre, built around a fishing pond, is located in the suburban Lencz-telep neighbourhood of Debrecen. Swimming You won’t find many cities where you can happily use the same facilities as competitors of a European Swimming Championship, or members of the Hungarian Olympic swimming team including local hero and Olympic champion Éva Risztov. Pleasure flights Take a bird’s-eye-view of Debrecen and its vicinity, and have an unforgettable experience during a flight by hot-air balloon or a small passenger aircraft. Golf Eastern Hungary’s longest driving range with 11 tees. In designing the golf course, a primary consideration was the exclusive environment, the high-quality services and improving the standard of opportunities for playing golf in the area. Cycling Debrecen is a place where you can simultaneously enjoy the sights of a city and the tranquility of nature. Debrecen’s major tourist sights can be explored both on foot and on two wheels. On a break, cyclists can leave their bikes in outdoor bike racks set up in several points of the city. Horse riding The equestrian center of Debreceni Lovasakadémia Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. offers horseback riding training all around the year. There are 10 horses at the facility for use by students. They also have 25-30 places in their boarding stables for horses to be kept there.

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