Bumeráng Rent-a-Car


Bumeráng-Car Ltd. has been working as a car-rental company for 13 years now. It has a car park of mainly new and modern vehicles but it also offers older cars in good technical condition. Bumeráng’s clients get a yearly motorway sticker for free and non-stop repair service.

Bumeráng’s mission is to provide high quality service so that their clients can get to their destinations and back without any problem in any condition. The company tries to fulfill the demands of clients with modest financial background too. The price of their services ranges from 5.000 HUF / day.

Bumeráng Rent-a-Car 

Address: Debrecen, Szoboszlói út 50.

Tel.: +36 52 536-051

Mobile: +36 30 299-6401, +36 30 978-7788

E-mail: bumerang.rent@t-online.hu

Web: www.bumerang-car.hu

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