Főnix Taxi


Főnix Taxi is the largest, market-leading tax company of the city of Debrecen. If called to an address within the city limits, a car is guaranteed to arrive within a few minutes.

The phone number of Főnix Taxi: +36 52 444-444. For the sake of simplicity, it is also possible to call a taxi by way of the GPS-based application after using a QR code.
-    6+1 seat taxi (airport transfers)
-    7+1 seat Hyundai H1 minibus (maximum comfort, personalized services, trips to the countryside or abroad, transfer to Budapest)
-    Station-wagons
-    Shopping (also via VIBER)
-    viber
-    Helping with various errands
-    Transporting pets
-    Helping start vehicles in the cold
-    Delivery of fuel
-    Towing, trailer service
-    Smoke-free taxi (smoke-free driver)
-    Non-smoking taxi (no smoking in the vehicle)

Tel.: +36 52 444-444

E-mail: fonixtaxi@fonixtaxi.hu

Web: www.fonixtaxi.hu

Főnix taxi

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