Greek Orthodox Metropolia


Debrecen’s Greek Orthodox community belonged to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan District of Hajdúdorog until 1899.

On his visit in Debrecen Franz Joseph Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary said „Such a pity there is no organized Greek Orthodox church in Debrecen.” After the emperor’s visit the Hungarian Minister for Religion and Public Education helped establish a Greek Orthodox assistant minister position thus starting the organization of the Greek Orthodox Church in Debrecen that soon became an independent parish thanks to Bishop Gyula Firczák. The first Greek Orthodox chapel opened in December 1900, in a rented building, but by the summer of 1910 an independent church was built from the community’s donations. The Greek Orthodox Metropolis with Debrecen as its center was founded by Pope Francis in April 2017.

Since 1 September 2012 the Archdiocesan District of Hajdúdorog operates St. Ephraim Greek Orthodox Nursery, Primary and Basic Level Art School, and since 1 September 2016 Dienes László Greek Orthodox High School and Vocational School for Health Care. The headquarters of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis opened in April 2017.

Greek Orthodox Church (Attila tér 1)

The Neo-Byzantine church was built in 1910 based on the plans of János Bobula. Unlike other Greek Orthodox churches there is no iconostasis here. The inlaid altar and pulpit with mosaic ornaments were also prepared in 1910. Valuable seccos and colorful glass windows ornate the church. Telephone: +36 52 533-207



Headquarters of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis and Archdiocesan District of Hajdúdorog (Petőfi tér 8)

The Headquarters of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis and Archdiocesan District of Hajdúdorog was opened and blessed in April 2017 two years after Pope Francis founded the metropolis for Hungary’s Greek Orthodox population with Debrecen to be as its center. The headquarters opened in Petőfi Square in the buildings of the former Hotel Debrecen and the Hatvani István Dormitory. The building complex now gives home to a dorm and to the offices of the Greek Orthodox archdiocese.

Telephone: +36 52 872-855



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