Debrecziener Gourmet Festival


For only two days in June, Debrecen celebrates the best of Hungarian food and wine from around Hungary. Fancy restaurants, with the top chefs and the who’s who of the food business in attendance. 

Experience the joy of Hungarian food, the tastes, smells, - spicy sensations that will rock your world.

Come to where the culinary East meets West and learn why Hungarian food is so famous and unique.  Only for three days in June.

The purpose of the event is to showcase, influence and inform, discuss and lead the conversation about Hungarian food. The industry leaders and influencers come from afar to experience and share their vision, in order to build a consensus about the way forward for the industry.  For the rest of us it provides the opportunity to enjoy new sensations, and experience extreme food pleasure.

Held in the surroundings of the Great Forest on what is the 8oth year of its foundation, this year many of the country’s top fine dining restaurants will be in attendance.

·         Almavirág Étterem (Derecske)

·         Anyukám Mondta Étterem (Encs),

·         Arany Kaviár Étterem (Budapest)

·         Gléda Vendéglő (Budapest)

·         Gusto13 Bistro & Delicate (Veszprém)

·         Első Mádi Borház (Mád)

·         IKON Restaurant Debrecen (Debrecen)

·         Jankovich Kúria Wellness Hotel és Étterem (Rácalmás)

·         Kistücsök Étterem (Balatonszemes)

·         A Leves (Miskolc)

·         Maszek az utcabár (Debrecen)

·         Nr8 Étterem (Hajdúszoboszló)

·         Pannónia Gasztrohajó (Budapest)

·         Végállomás Bistorant (Miskolc)

In addition to fine dining, the best Bistros, Food trucks and small producers will also be in attendance.  Street food vendors include:

·         BBQ Popup

·         Keszegsütő Debrecen

·         Meating Burger & More (Nyíregyháza)

·         Zip's Beer & Restaurant (Miskolc)

·         Wok to Box (Debrecen)

Fine deserts, specialty treats and the wonderful pastries of Kiss-Virág Confectionary (Debrecen), Mákvirág Cukrászda (Debrecen) and Mihályi Patisserie (Vác), the ice-cream of IceShot, special bakery products of Panificio il Basilico (Budapest) and the Narcissus Estate (Debrecen) handcrafted cheeses.

Fine wines from DiVino (Debrecen), Palinka from Pálinkamanufakture Tuzsér and Pernod Ricard Magyarország Kft and the best coffee available via (Black Sheep Roastery & Coffee and Volt Once Cafes).

Complementing the fantastic Great Forest location is the background music of DJ. Németi, doing his thing on Friday and Saturday evening, enhancing the enthralling atmosphere, Bliss out, while onstage stars Claudia Liptai and József Bernáth amaze with their onstage entertainment. 

If the heady mix above was not enough to convince you, consider children under the age of 14 can enter for FREE making the Debrecziner Gourmet Festival ideal for the entire family!

Book in advance to avoid disappointment (limited capacity)

4032 Debrecen
Nagyerdei park
Event info
2020.06.12 11:00 - 2020.06.14 19:00

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