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In our busy world today, one of the most precious assets is time and leisure. When people plan their travels, they try to find destinations where they can simultaneously satisfy all their needs for leisure time activities without any compromises.

Debrecen is an absolutely good choice. In addition to the historic monuments, the cultural events and the unique natural environment, by way of the continuous developments and new attractions, the city presents a new, so far unknown face to visitors each year. The museums capture their attention with new, interactive exhibitions, and take them on exciting tours behind the scenes and to the world of mysterious stories. Special flavors and smells attract gastro-adventurers from ambient cafés, through street food and fine dining to the unique “ruin pubs”. The Great Forest Park, with its fresh air, healing thermal water and the thrilling adventure water park all offer fantastic experiences. From quiet unwinding through energizing sports and the invigorating feeling of rooting for your team to partying, the Great Forest is the place where you can indulge all your senses. The adventures also continue beyond the city limits, where the Erdőspuszták and the fairly land of the “Kerekerdő” Amusement Park fascinate visitors. The events that are offered the whole year round, provide even more diverse leisure activities.

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