A visit to a new destination is invariably seasoned to perfection with local culinary delights. Your Hungarian gastro-adventure may start with just some choice morsels of a sample menu, but you will never forget our cuisine’s unique medley of spices, flavors and aromas.

Good and hearty fare is always unmistakably unique here, no matter if it is served from traditional sooty stew pots, the more exquisite crockery of fine-dining restaurants, or picked up at the stalls of various culinary events.

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Restaurants offering Debrecen double sausage There is no real city break without tasting local food. Debrecen double sausage is declared a “hungaricum” Debrecen is one of those very rare cities whose names are associated with a unique flavor. The famous Debrecen double sausage is so tasty that it makes perfect sense to serve two in a single portion. Although “Debreziner” features on the menus of many eateries around the world, the real deal (neither soft nor hard, not dry, not fatty, but pleasantly juicy and crunchy) can only be found in Debrecen. Specialties from Hajdúság The dishes indigenous to Hajdúság have changed a lot through the centuries because at some point or other of their development they tended to incorporate ingredients, spices, or herbs that had previously been absent from the region’s culinary palette. Nevertheless, important elements of medieval Hungarian cuisine are still very much in evidence on present-day menus: among other things, cabbage, millet, dried and smoked meats, and a variety of yeast-dough pastries. Gastronomy events Local specialties are so popular in Debrecen that they also serve as themes for the seasonal gastro-fests such as the Mangalica Festival, Turkey Days or the Debreczeni Aroma Festival. Chef Academy The professional chefs of this cookery school will be happy to help you acquire the expertise you need to become an expert in Hungarian as well as international cuisine. Street food Debrecen offers a great variety of dining opportunities, even if you have only a couple of minutes for your meal. Confectioneries What could be a better break during long sightseeing tours than a refreshing coffee or some delicious cake? Debrecen on Food – Food tour through Hungarian culinary history A new sightseeing tour awaits those who are interested in Hungarian gastronomy and the favorite dishes of the locals. The 2-hour food tour takes you to 4 different places and shows you the richness of Hungarian cuisine.

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