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Every season in Debrecen has its own traditional event, often marking the transition between the seasons and making it worthwhile to come back to Debrecen time and again!

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Carnival Opening ’Dalido’ It has been a tradition in Debrecen to open the Carnival season with a so-called ’Dalido’. According to the tradition on the Saturday following Epiphany masters and servants of various crafts come together to celebrate. This time everybody can join them and have some fun together. Debrecen Spring Festival & Art Exhibition The organizers intend to provide quality programs in more and more branches of art in the framework of the festival year by year. Béla Bartók International Choir Competition and Folk Festival The Béla Bartók International Choir Competition and Folklore Festival has been one of the choral events of highest standard all over the world for more than 50 years. Debrecen Wine & Jazz Days The oldest continuous annual jazz festival, the Debrecen Jazz Days and the most popular wine festival of the Northern Alföld region, the Debrecen Wine Carnival paired up in 2015 to offer a real “gastro-jazz” jamboree for jazz and wine lovers featuring jazz bands and top-ranked Hungarian wineries. Debrecen Fall Festival The Debrecen Autumn Festival is one of the most momentous programs in the cultural life of Debrecen offering a broad range of entertainment for all age-groups. International Nativity Play Meeting Debrecen has been hosting this festival for several years now. Nativity play groups arriving from all over the Carpathian Basin revive on stage the story of the birth of Jesus. Performances at the Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre The open-air stage was set up in one of the most beautiful parts of the Nagyerdő (Great Forest), among huge firs and monumental English oaks more than 60 year ago. In 2014, the renovated, modernized theatre was reopened. In the restored theatre, there are 1000 seats for the spectators. Advent in Debrecen From the start of Advent, the citizens of Debrecen celebrate together by lighting candles next to the Christmas tree of the city year by year. This year, those who wish to join the common celebration are welcome to watch square plays, listen to festive thoughts, participate at the candle-lighting ceremony in the main square and listen to Advent concerts in the Reformed Great Church on three consecutive Sundays.

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