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Every season in Debrecen has its own traditional event, often marking the transition between the seasons and making it worthwhile to come back to Debrecen time and again!

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2017.03.27 Monday - 2017.04.02 Sunday "DESZKA" Festival Some of the best of contemporary Hungarian drama is staged during the festival by renowned companies from Budapest, the rest of the country, and Hungarian communities in surrounding countries, followed with much interest by both the profession and the wider public. 2018.04.15 Sunday - 2018.04.25 Wednesday Debrecen Spring Festival & Art Exhibition It is the 25th time that Debrecen has given home to this comprehensive art festival featuring music, theater, exhibitions, movies, and literature. 2019.07.17 Wednesday - 2019.07.21 Sunday Campus Festival The biggest bash in Eastern Hungary’s pop-music calendar, Campus features over 200 shows at up to 40 venues in the leafy surroundings of Big Forest. 2018.08.09 Thursday - 2018.08.12 Sunday International Military Band Festival Hungary’s most important military band festival has filled the public spaces of Debrecen with rhythm and excitement since 1977. 2018.08.02 Thursday - 2018.08.05 Sunday Debrecen Wine & Jazz Days Good wine accompanied by good music: nourishment for body and soul! 2018.08.14 Tuesday - 2018.08.21 Tuesday Debrecen Flower Parade One of the most popular Hungarian summer events, the renowned Flower Parade has been a Debrecen icon for over 40 years. 2018.11.05 Monday - 2018.11.18 Sunday Debrecen Fall Festival The program of the two-month long festival includes concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions, children’s and folk programs and the traditional Debrecen Literary Days. International Nativity Play Meeting Debrecen has been hosting this festival for several years now. Nativity play groups arriving from all over the Carpathian Basin revive on stage the story of the birth of Jesus. 2018.05.01 Tuesday - 2018.09.08 Saturday Performances at the Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre Theatrical entertainment under the starry sky, accompanied by the chirping of crickets. The dense green foliage in Nagyerdő will provide an attractive background of theatrical performances, contemporary music concerts, opera shows, and outdoor movie screenings from spring through fall.

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