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Debrecen offers visitors a great variety of programs and activities - no matter if it rains or shines.

You have probably felt the relief of finally venting pent-up energy and stress. You know the satisfaction of time spent in the company of friends, the hearty laughter that may even make you shed tears of happiness. Why don’t you try to relive those moments and get a whole new lease on life? The buzz of excitement generated by a shopping spree; the awe-inspiring roar of fans cheering their favorite team from a packed grandstand: Come and enjoy these moments in Debrecen.

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Gastronomy A visit to a new destination is invariably seasoned to perfection with local culinary delights. Your Hungarian gastro-adventure may start with just some choice morsels of a sample menu, but you will never forget our cuisine’s unique medley of spices, flavors and aromas. Shopping That joyful, tickling feeling associated with shopping must be familiar to everyone. Family fun Sightseeing with family? In Debrecen, not only is this possible, but it can even be fun. Baths No matter how splendid your holiday destination is, the moment when museums start to lose from their luster inevitably comes. You simply long for relaxation, the wonderfully soothing ripples caressing you with hot medicinal water, the touch of expert hands massaging your aching muscles, or the fulfillment of a sauna session cleansing body and soul. Active recreation Sport, like music, is a universal language which connects nations. It means the same thing to everyone involved: experiencing the tough challenge and the taste of victory for athletes; surviving the nail-biting, oftentimes heart-breaking, finish to the game for fans. Entertainment Debrecen is a city of culture. Whether it is theatre, film, classical or popular music, literature or arts, Debrecen has a lot to offer to culture-loving audiences. Aquaticum Spa Located in an area of scenic beauty in Big Forest, the spa complex offers comfort and enjoyment by the attractions of the Thermal Bath, the Indoor Mediterranean Pleasure Bath, “water-chute park,” wellness center as well as the “sauna world.”

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