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The cultural riches of Debrecen and Hortobágy are unique and iconic in their own right. The streets and varied architectural styles of the “civic city” create a pleasant atmosphere.

You can get insights into Debrecen’s past and form predictions about its future strolling in the city’s streets and squares at your leisure. However, you won’t see the whole picture until you check out the excellent exhibits at Tímárház, Déri Museum, Debrecen House of Literature & Medgyessy Ferenc Memorial Museum or Modem Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art. The historic city center includes the area that spreads out from Nagyállomás (Main Railway Terminal) to the magnificent Reformed Big Church, located on Main Square, and also includes the museum quarter.

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Szabó Magda Memorial House The Szabó Magda Memorial House opened on October 5, 2017 on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the Debrecen-born novelist, in her former school, Dóczy High School of the Debrecen Reformed College. Debrecen Reformed College Having functioned continuously as an educational institution since its establishment in 1538, the college is the cradle of Hungarian civilization. Déri Museum The Déri Museum is one of Hungary’s foremost establishments of its kind. In addition to its exhibits of local cultural interest, it has become renowned for the huge collection of items, brought together by Frigyes Déri, which represents various aspects of universal human civilization. MODEM Center of Modern & Contemporary Art MODEM is one of Central Europe’s greatest museums of modern and contemporary art.  Debrecen House of Literature & Medgyessy Ferenc Memorial Museum On display at Debrecen House of Literature, the new permanent exhibit titled “Dreaming Hungarians – Stories from Debrecen’s Literary History” gives a comprehensive picture of the careers of the city’s most influential men of letters. Delizsánsz Exhibit Hall Across from the Déri Museum, the old post office building houses Delizsánsz Exhibit Hall,which displays the Debrecen-related aspects of the history of the Hungarian postal service and telecommunication. Holló László Memorial Museum The museum of László Holló (1887–1976) is arranged in the former home of the painter. Tímárház – Artisans’ House This is the only building that guards Debrecen’s glorious history of arts and crafts in its original location.

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