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There are many secrets and interesting facts hidden in the streets and squares opening on either side of Piac Street, the main thoroughfare of Debrecen.

It is not by accident that each of them bears the name of a historic person, a famous resident of Debrecen, or a trade. Walking down on Batthyányi Street from Csokonai National Theatre toward Saint Anna Cathedral, one can see – or even add to – the keys of “locked-down love” at the “Gate of Keys”. At the nearby County Hall, visitors can re-live the story of “Lúdas Matyi”, known to all Hungarians, with the help of the relief on the wall. 

The list of sights in Debrecen does not end in the city center, but continues in the Great Forest, which can be reached easily and quickly by way of tram line no. 1 or with a pleasant, 30-minute walk.

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