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What makes sightseeing in Debrecen more pleasant than elsewhere is the many spacious, green, and ambient squares and parks of the city. 

Fountains and other water elements of different styles can be found everywhere, which make walking around the city a pleasant and thrilling experience for locals and visitors alike.

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Nagyerdei Park All great cities can be identified by famous parks. In the case of Debrecen, this is called Nagyerdei Park Forest, the nation’s first conservation area. Only a ten-minute ride from downtown, the park offers total peace and quiet in the shade of hundred-year-old trees as well as countless entertainment options. Piac Street and Kossuth Square Debrecen’s Main Street - Piac Street - was the proud venue of the famous town fairs for 300 years starting in the 16th century.  Ady park The newest, open in the summer of 2015, is a vibrant, youthful and enchanting spot. Baltazár Dezső Square This modern square, located on the edge of the historic city center, is named after Dezső Baltazár, a reformed bishop of Debrecen. Csapó Street One of Debrecen’s oldest streets is named after fullers and other practitioners of the wool trade who inhabited these quarters in the 15th century. The section closest to downtown is a popular shopping street and pedestrian zone. Déri Square This is one of the most ambient and intimate squares of Debrecen. Egyetem (University) Square Park The spacious French-style park, complete with stairs, fountains and promenades, located outside of the main building of the university, built over a hundred years ago, is one of the most imposing public spaces in the city.  Memorial Garden The Memorial Garden occupies the leafy plot between the Big Church and the College. Hal köz Located at the place of the old fish (“hal”) and dairy market, this is one of Debrecen’s most pleasant downtown piazzas. Kálvin Square This square, located in the direct vicinity of the Reformed College and the Great Church, connects Piac and Péterfia Squares. Medgyessy Promenade Big Forest has long been inhabited by the Muses of poetry and served as a rich hunting ground for academics in pursuit of exciting research topics.

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