Kálvin Square


This square, located in the direct vicinity of the Reformed College and the Great Church, connects Piac and Péterfia Squares.

In the south-eastern corner of the square is the Kálvin Square shopping center, at the location where the manor of the 13th-century owners of the Debrecen lordship, the Dósa family, once stood. At the Kossuth Square entrance, the ceramic ornaments of Antal Pázmándi can be seen. In the middle of the square, just outside the modern building of the New City Hall, stands the statue of Csokonai, the city’s famous poet, sculpted by Miklós Izsó in 1871. A hotel, a puppet theatre, several boutiques, stores and a confectionery all await those in search of leisure and relaxation.

Kálvin tér

4026 Debrecen
Kálvin tér

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