Szeged Street Leisure Centre


The leisure centre, built around a fishing pond, is located in the suburban Lencz-telep neighbourhood of Debrecen. 

The park has grown into a 5-hectare leisure and aqua park, and is an excellent venue for corporate or family events, weddings, or birthday parties celebrated in a closer circle of friends and family. A fishing pond, clay and beach football fields, beach volleyball courts, covered patios, fire sites, a restaurant offering traditional Hungarian dishes, a pizzeria, a special events building, an aqua park, free parking, spacious playgrounds, an indoor playhouse and bouncy castle, huge grassy areas – all of this in a picturesque natural environment, far from all the noise of the city, and still so close, since the center of Debrecen is only a few kilometers away.

The park offers full-scale recreation to all age groups. Children can have fun on the spacious outdoor playgrounds or in the indoor playhouse and bouncy castle, while adults can use the various sports fields, the fishing pond and the sandy beach. Cooking is available for all in a do-it-yourself way. Guests can prepare their own meals on fires sites in the company of their friends and relatives. Those who do not wish to cook or would rather enjoy their free time fishing or sunbathing can dine in the park’s restaurant and pizzeria, and even take their meals to the shore to eat outside under the sun.


4030 Debrecen
Szeged utca
+36 20 984-1030

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