Whatever part of the year you schedule your Debrecen visit for, you will surely bump into festival crowds, or street vendors selling all the mouthwatering fare of one of the many seasonal culinary events. Besides preserving local values and traditions, these programs also tend to follow modern trends. 

Should every single Debrecen event – from youth-favorite Campus Festival to the International Béla Bartók Choir Competition, to the International Gathering of Nativity Play Artists – be allocated a hue, the yearly calendar would sparkle in the endless color variations of the spectrum. One event, however, unites the whole palette in a single glittering gem. The renowned Flower Parade has been a Debrecen icon for over 40 years. This week-long extravaganza displays the amazing talents of domestic artistic troupes as well as performers from all corners of the world. The revelries reach their climax on August 20. This is the actual parade day when the self-propelled floats carrying gigantic flower arrangements depicting fairy tales, legends and other stories roll along the city’s avenues accompanied by Hungarian and overseas troupes of dancers and musicians. The multi-stage show which involves hundreds of performers clad in traditional garb culminates in a boisterous street party complete with fireworks.

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