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You will find several car rentals in Debrecen to choose from passenger vehicles or small trucks of the best makes. Special daily, weekly, or monthly packages and driver service are all available on demand. Quick and easy booking, customer-friendly handling, service available at Debrecen Airport!

A major player of the car-rental business, Bumeráng-Car Ltd has been present on the market for 13 years. Its fleet mainly consists of new vehicles, although well-maintained older cars are also on offer. Your package will come complete with a yearly motorway sticker and use of 24/7 emergency service without extra charge. The company’s major goal is to constantly raise the quality of its service and ensure that its costumers always reach their destinations problem-free. Its desire to penetrate the broadest possible range of the market is reflected in the fact that it also welcomes cost-conscious customers by offering daily packages as low-priced as HUF 5,000 net.

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