Restaurants offering Debrecen double sausage


There is no real city break without tasting local food.

Debrecen offers a wide variety of restaurants where guests can try both traditional Hungarian and international meals too. Visitors cannot leave Debrecen without tasting Debrecen double sausage either in a restaurant or as a street food.

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IKON Restaurant & Lounge Those who know us also know that we could talk about IKON for hours on end. However, if we had to summarize it in a few concise words, we would say it’s a fantastic gastro-workshop. Royal Belgian Beer Café and Restaurant The building, which already served as an inn at the end of the 19th century, houses one of the popular inner city restaurants today. Maszek Simplicity that is evocative of the past, sleekness and relaxed culinarity: all this in the heart of the downtown, in Simonffy Street. Nonna Rosa A restaurant in the heart of Debrecen, specialising in authentic Italian cooking: pastas, fishes and pizzas – all prepared from original, Italian ingredients and traditional recipes. Lovers of the Italian cuisine will also prize a genuine Mediterranean spirit, as well as a selection of Italian and Hungarian wines and real Italian coffee. Régi Posta Restaurant & Inn This downtown hotel occupies one of Debrecen’s oldest buildings. The special atmosphere of the Hungarian cellar restaurant is due to its history. In this restaurant, guests can choose from real traditional tastes, dishes made from traditional Hungarian quality ingredients. Barabás Restaurant Tradition and innovation and simultaneously at home in this versatile restaurant located in the heart of the city. Butiq Debrecen’s only music bistro, with a wide assortment of drinks, a bistro kitchen, colourful musical, gastronomy and cultural programmes, is a truly joyful spot in the city.  Csokonai Restaurant Csokonai Restaurant awaits guests in Debrecen’s downtown area – in Kossuth Street, opposite Csokonai Theatre – 

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