Street food


Debrecen offers a great variety of dining opportunities, even if you have only a couple of minutes for your meal.

Street food has conquered the world and has more and more fans in Debrecen too. Choose your favorite from our list of recommended street food bars.

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Hello BBQ & Coffee Debrecen’s first bbq and grill bar, el Gaucho opened in the heart of Debrecen’s city center, in the building of Hotel Aranybika, where everything is about slowly grilled meats and steaks, fine breads, unique bbq sauces, artisan beers and a little bit of Argentina. Marbell bistro Marbell Bistro - The taste of gastro. Restaurant guests are invited to join an exciting gastro adventure into the unique world of Hungarian and international cuisines. Nonna Rosa – a whole new world in Debrecen Fans of the Mediterranean cuisine and those who like fine dining will be equally thrilled when trying out the brand new restaurant in Debrecen. However, the owners offer more than just a fancy dinner for the guests: the main goal is to prove that eating something Italian can be not only a gastronomic experience but a way of life. Buri-Buri Streetfood-style French fries, fajitas, buritos, buri-buris, Mexican hot dog, and piadinas. The latter is a flat bread originating from Northern Italy, which is becoming increasingly popular also in Hungary, owing to its versatility, as it can be filled with practically anything. Manga Street Bistro Street food with the best flavors of the East and the quality of a bistro cuisine. Maszek Simplicity that is evocative of the past, sleekness and relaxed culinarity: all this in the heart of the downtown, in Simonffy Street. Pepe Panini Café Premium street food and elegant environment at two locations in Debrecen. Pepe Panini Café brings real value to its foods and drinks, in an exclusive environment where everything is about harmony, comfort and individuality. Wok To Box The owner of Wok To Box restaurant had previously managed an Asian restaurant for six years, and at the same time, he also learned in several Oriental restaurants, standing directly at the wok, the characteristic cooking techniques, the secrets of at that time several far eastern restaurant standing near the wok from the typical cooking techniques and the secrets of the pure Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese flavors.

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