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2019.01.07 Monday - 2019.03.03 Sunday “The Other Capital – Kossuth and Debrecen 1849” In 1849 Debrecen was Hungary’s temporary capital for half a year. To commemorate the historical events that took place in Debrecen 170 years ago, the Municipality of Debrecen initiated a series of events entitled “The Capital of Freedom”. 2020.01.01 Wednesday New Year’s Concert of the Kodály Choir Debrecen Traditional New Year’s Concert of Debrecen’s world-famous Kodály Choir in the amazing Big Reformed Church. 2018.12.27 Thursday - 2018.12.30 Sunday Christmas at the Zoo! „Christmas at the Zoo” event is one of most beloved tradition in the life of Debrecen Zoo. During the four-day event between December 27 and 30 gests could take guided tours included animal feeding when you can watch how animals are eating their Holiday menu. 2019.02.12 Tuesday 2020.01.24 Friday - 2020.01.26 Sunday 2019.12.08 Sunday Second Advent candle lighting The citizens of Debrecen gather around the City’s Christmas Tree together with Szabolcs Komolay Deputy Mayor, Richárd Asztalos Lutheran pastor and Barnabás Sipos Orthodox priest to light the second Advent candle. 2020.05.15 Friday - 2020.05.17 Sunday 2018.12.16 Sunday CSAK Design Fair Don't miss out on the last chance in the year to visit the CSAK Design Fair - in its Xmas Edition! Gift your loved ones unique designer pieces or take part in a workshop to create something lasting, spending a pleasant day in the city's most gorgeous building. You may also enjoy a mug of hot chocolate, a cuppa coffee, some mulled wine and cookies. See you there! Venue: the University of Debrecen, main building. 2020.08.15 Saturday - 2020.08.22 Saturday 2019.02.17 Sunday Dear Professor Lajos Németh, The Antal-Lusztig Collection turns 50! The title of the exhibition aims to express the dual concept behind the exhibit. Péter Antal, the Debrecen-born owner of the Antal-Lusztig collection acquired his first painting in 1968 that was followed by a thousand more - paintings, statuettes, drawings, installations and artefacts in the following 50 years. 2018.12.16 Sunday Bulrush There is a Hungarian saying “they sell on the same bulrush” meaning two or more people think the same or share the same values and ideas. 2018.12.14 Friday - 2018.12.15 Saturday 2019.01.05 Saturday New Year’s Eve gala concert of the Budapest Operetta Theatre Magical gala concert with unique sound, spectacular sight and a great band. World-famous songs, romantic duets, sentimental music and thrilling rhythm in the spirit of the New Year. A great New Year’s concert with the best representatives of the operetta genre. 2018.12.10 Monday Christmas songs by Attila Kökény Record debut of Attila Kökény, singer who rose to fame as a competitor of the 5th series of the television talent contest ‘Megasztár’. Guest performers are Mónika Veres ‘Nika’ and Viki Singh. 2018.12.09 Sunday - 2019.03.10 Sunday The Photography of Man Ray MODEM presents a large-scale exhibition of the photos of one of the most influential and biggest artists of modern photography, Man Ray (born Emmanuel Radnitzky). 2020.01.11 Saturday Carnival Opening ’Dalido’ It has been a tradition in Debrecen to open the Carnival season with a so-called ’Dalido’. According to the tradition on the Saturday following Epiphany masters and servants of various crafts come together to celebrate. This time everybody can join them and have some fun together. 2018.12.05 Wednesday - 2019.01.06 Sunday Ice rink As a present of Santa Claus, children until age 14 can have some winter fun on a 200 m2 ice rink in front of the spectacular Big Reformed Church. 2019.12.01 Sunday Concert of the Debrecen Garrison Band The Advent season is not only about waiting and preparing for Christmas but also the period of thanksgiving with the message of faith, hope, joy and love. The concert of the Debrecen Garrison Band will focus on these values together with others like patriotism, family and love. 2018.12.01 Saturday - 2018.12.23 Sunday Angel Court – Open Town Hall The yard of Debrecen’s Old Town Hall turns into an Angel Court for the Advent period. Visitors can enter the yard across the Debrecen Gingerbread House and the House of Debrecen’s Confectioners. 2018.12.11 Tuesday - 2019.01.13 Sunday Atlantis Exhibition of Sándor Apáti-Tóth. The exhibition is free to visit during the opening hours of the Kölcsey Centre, from 9:30 am to 6 pm on weekdays, and until 9 pm at the time of events. 2019.11.23 Saturday - 2019.12.23 Monday Advent in Debrecen From the start of Advent, the citizens of Debrecen celebrate together by lighting candles next to the Christmas tree of the city year by year. This year, those who wish to join the common celebration are welcome to watch square plays, listen to festive thoughts, participate at the candle-lighting ceremony in the main square and listen to Advent concerts in the Reformed Great Church on three consecutive Sundays. 2018.12.05 Wednesday Joulupukki, the Finnish Santa arrives in Debrecen Santa Claus, or Joulupukki as he is called by Finnish children, arrive in Debrecen from the town of Rovaniem of Lapland. As Christmas is getting closer, Santa Claus gets more and more letters written by children from all over the world, while his elves, the joulutonts prepare the presents for the kids. 2019.12.21 Saturday Christmas Valceremony Gala show of Valcer Dance Studio in the spirit of Christmas. The event awaits not only the family and friends of the studio’s own dancers and followers but everyone who would like to join a special dance show that offers not only a colourful program but also several surprises. 2020.11.06 Friday - 2020.11.08 Sunday Martin’s Day Goose Feast November 11th is St. Martin's Day in Hungary (Márton nap), a traditional feast day celebrated by tasting the new wines and eating geese. 2019.12.07 Saturday 2018.11.09 Friday 2018.10.08 Monday - 2018.10.12 Friday 2018.11.10 Saturday 2019.09.21 Saturday - 2019.09.22 Sunday 2018.12.08 Saturday Sister Act musical The musical was composed and put on stage inspired by the iconic comedy, Sister Act that was performed first on the Broadway with Whoopi Goldberg in the lead character. 2018.08.17 Friday - 2018.10.28 Sunday 2018.08.18 Saturday Bernstein 100 – Kodaly Philharmonics ft. Xaver Varnus Interactive gala showcasing the masterpieces of Leonard Bernstein. 2018.11.13 Tuesday Csík concert Today’s world of music is very complex, and not only with respect to genres and styles, but also to the multitude of performers. A very interesting and exciting example of this diversity is the Hungarian Csík Band, which has been active for thirty years, and which has been an authentic performer of Hungarian folk music. 2018.11.18 Sunday Habana Social Club with the Stars of the Tropicana Habana Social Club performs world-famous Latin-American and Cuban songs like Flor palida, Chan – Chan, Bailando, Vivir Mi Vida, Che commandante, Guantanamera, Caballo viejo, Represent Cuba, or Se que te amo that was performed by Ricky Martin too. 2018.11.18 Sunday Stephen, the king – musical concert The legendary Hungarian rock musical, Stephen, the king celebrates its 35th birthday in 2018. The most popular Hungarian musical - based on the story of Hungary’s first king, Stephen - is now performed as a concert. 2018.08.17 Friday „Csardas of Mikepercs” – Guinness record attempt In 1950 Andras Béres performed his first yet most famous folk dance choreography that became the flagship performance of „Debreceni Népi Együttes” yielding gold medals for them on many international dance festivals. 2018.09.28 Friday 2018.10.27 Saturday Quimby concert Quimby, one of Hungary’s most popular bands, has been touring Hungary with a symphonic orchestra and circus artists this year but after the crazy festival season they now return to more intimate concert halls and theaters, their favorite venues where they can devote themselves to the freedom of playing music. 2018.10.05 Friday - 2018.10.07 Sunday Saunas' weekend The sauna program is a much more intense experience than conventional sauna. 2018.08.21 Tuesday The city is partying – Carnival march at night On the 21st of August, the city switches to party mode to celebrate together with the performers of the Carnival. 2019.08.20 Tuesday 2018.09.15 Saturday - 2018.09.16 Sunday VII. Noise garden The largest jamboree of the noise music scene in Hungary turns 7 on 15th September evolves into an international parade stirring up tirelessly the honourable audience. 2020.09.18 Friday - 2020.09.20 Sunday 2018.11.08 Thursday Yamato - The Drummers of Japan Yamato was founded in Japan’s Nara Prefecture in 1993. The group has given over 2,500 performances in 51 countries and regions. Every year, Yamato tours the world for 6 to 10 months, creating and presenting original Yamato compositions and stages. 2018.11.06 Tuesday Zoran concert Zorán who has been one of Hungary’s most popular musicians of the last five decades always chooses his concert repertoire with great care. He has so many songs though that it is impossible for him to sing all on a concert. 2019.05.12 Sunday 2018.08.17 Friday Carnival Swing – Concert by the Debrecen Big Band The opening event of the Flower Carnival featuring Balint Gajer, „the prince of swing”, finalist of the „A Dal 2015” talent contest. 2018.11.07 Wednesday 2020.01.04 Saturday 2019.01.22 Tuesday Day of Hungarian Culture – Concert of the Kodály Philharmonics Debrecen featuring Barnabás Kelemen violinist Hungarians have been celebrating the Day of Hungarian Culture on 22 January since 1989 in memory of Ferenc Kölcsey. The poet finalized the manuscript of the Hungarian national anthem on this day in 1823. 2020.09.16 Wednesday youDay yoUDay is a dedicated day to all who belong to the family of the University of Debrecen. 2018.11.07 Wednesday 2020.12.31 Thursday Happy New Year, Debrecen! The people of Debrecen can say farewell to 2018 on the last day of the year on a giant street party in Kossuth Square. The program includes stage performances by Dóra Danics singer and the band Fiesta and spectacular fireworks in the very first minutes of 2019. 2019.11.11 Monday - 2019.11.19 Tuesday Debrecen Fall Festival The Debrecen Autumn Festival is one of the most momentous programs in the cultural life of Debrecen offering a broad range of entertainment for all age-groups. 2019.08.16 Friday - 2019.08.20 Tuesday Nights of Light Spectacular 3D light painting on the Big Reformed Church during the Carnival Week composed and performed by national and international artists. 2019.08.15 Thursday - 2019.08.20 Tuesday „Galiba” – Kids' Festival Alike adults, kids can also march during the Flower Carnival, pulling their small carriages decorated by themselves. The event evokes the famous tale of Mihaly Fazekas – Matti the goose boy. 2018.08.26 Sunday 2018.12.18 Tuesday 2019.08.20 Tuesday Carnival Night 2000 dancers, horseriders, illusionists and other artists perform an amazing show that takes the audience to the world of miracles and wonders. 2019.08.20 Tuesday Carnival Parade Debrecen Flower Carnival is among the most famous cultural events in Hungary. Flower compositions with  international groups of dancers and artists march along the avenues of Debrecen on the festival's main event on 20th August. 2018.09.04 Tuesday 2020.12.11 Friday - 2020.12.13 Sunday International Nativity Play Meeting Debrecen has been hosting this festival for several years now. Nativity play groups arriving from all over the Carpathian Basin revive on stage the story of the birth of Jesus. 2020.08.13 Thursday - 2020.08.16 Sunday International Military Band Festival Hungary’s main army band meeting has been filling Debrecen’s squares for four decades with rhythm and exuberance. 2018.08.18 Saturday - 2018.08.19 Sunday Street Art Show Being one station of the series of competitions across the country, Debrecen hosts the Street Art Show to award the HUF 100.000 prize to the most entertaining performer, chosen by the spectators. 2019.10.26 Saturday 2020.03.22 Sunday - 2020.03.31 Tuesday Debrecen Spring Festival & Art Exhibition The organizers intend to provide quality programs in more and more branches of art in the framework of the festival year by year. 2019.08.20 Tuesday Ride to the Flower Carnival! In case you are an early bird and would like to take your part of the carnival march, join the thousands of fellow bikers and ride along with the early morning bycicle parade. 2018.08.15 Wednesday - 2018.08.19 Sunday Fairy-garden at the Old City-Hall Between the 15th of August and the 19th of august, the yard of the Old City-Hall transforms into a fairy-garden again. Light melodies played on harp, guitar and handpan fill the venue and create a spectacular and unique atmosphere. 2018.09.11 Tuesday 2019.08.20 Tuesday Exhibition of flower floats and Oldtimers Following the carnival march, the flower trucks and oldtimers are exhibited so festival visitors can have a close look at them and take selfies.

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